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3rd Party Integrations

Lightning Fast ⚡️ Processing

All your relevant data in one sync.

End to End Processing
Sync data sources such as emails, online forms, or digital documents to your CRM.
Add 3rd Party API
Include 3rd-Party data on the same route to your CRM.
Post-Processing Tools
Visualization and customization options for end-point users.

User Portals

Data Validation

Dedicated logins for users to input missing data fields that dragin could not completely read.

Offer Calculation

Upon data input offers are expressed through various algorithms with determined tolerance levels.

Offer Portal

Provide clients more say in their offer with a user portal allowing for calculated customization.

Denmark - SaaS Webflow Template by
Denmark - SaaS Webflow Template by

Access on the go

Real-time Processing History

Stay updated on processing flow with a history dashboard of all recent syncs.

Processing Alerts

Access processing validation alerts through any device.

Both User and Client Portals

Internal or external teams our portals are available across devices.

Faster Decisions

Our end to end automation streamlines your process like never before.

Dashboards & Insights

Use your data to create dashboards and programmable insights.

Alerts & Notifications

Get direct feedback from our system from status reports to validation alerts.

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