Data Process Automation

Streamline Success

Email to CRM Process Automation & Post-Processing Data Customization
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Intelligent Automation

Eliminating time-consuming data entry tasks.

Automate Processe
· Document Data Extraction
· CRM Data Input
· Pre-Underwriting

Connect Third-Party API:
· Credit Check
· Background Check
· Court Search
· Other Parties with Open API
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💬 Wait we do what?

Full Email to CRM Processing with Customizable Data Solutions
Reduce Costs and Improve Speed.

Keep Workflow ⚡ Connected

From start to finish, dragin can empower your team with automation and data insights.

Visualize & Customize Using Data

Provide stunning dashboards and customizable functions using your data. Both for internal users and end clients.

Keep Track

View in real-time what's being processed and which applications need action.

Your Own Portal

Create users, track processing results, and confirming offers all in one place.

Data Process Simplified

Directly synchronize inbound documents or online data to send to your CRM in real-time.

Custom API Intergration

Integrate 3rd-party systems into dragin processing, syncing that data to your CRM hands-free.

Post-Process Applications

Add client-facing dashboards, offer generators, and automated insights all through dragin.